Language & Culture

Students receive daily Saulteaux language classes. During Saulteaux classes students are learning the language as well as the teachings. Students are experiencing beading, drumming, dance, song, and traditional practices through our language and culture program. Our high school students when they complete this course, can receive high school credit for it.

The Saulteaux Language Instructor is Lavinia Strawberry.

Check out around the school to see examples of the language posted for students to practice in their daily routines! To encourage students to practice the language, parents/guardians and family members are encouraged to get them to tell them the words they know and practice speaking it at home.

We have also begun a Junior Chief and Council where they act as Student Council, with these students also acting as student representatives beyond the school at specific functions.

If any parents, elders, family or community members would like to assist in making our culture program shine please do not hesitate to call (587-798-0425) and talk to Michelle Kerik(Principal).

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