O'Chiese School Staff

Principal - Patsy Bercier

Ahneen, My name is Patsy Bercier & am very happy to be back as the Principal at the O'Chiese First Nation School. This will be my fourteenth year in school administration and feel honoured to be a part of your education system and living in the community. My main focus will be to include parents as much as possible in order to ensure their child has a successful year. Our doors are always open and hope you will stop by to discuss your child's needs and/or successes.

Patsy is a member of the Opaskwayak Cree Nation and has been an educator since 1975. 

Patsy Bercier




Stacey Lee Scott

Vice Principal






Myrna Strawberry

School Receptionist/ Admin Assistant




Saulteaux-Cheryl Strawberry

My name is Cheryl Strawberry and I am returning as the Saulteaux Language Instructor for O'Chiese School. I look forward to teaching all our students about their language and culture.


Celine Scott

K5 Teacher




Riki Peacock

Grade 1

Ahneen! Welcome to students & staff of our brand new school! We're very excited to be in our new facility. If you haven't stopped by for a tour, come in & check it out!  My name is Riki Peacock. I am returning for my 11th year teaching Grade One and I am looking forward to an exciting 2016/17 school year! In the Grade One classroom we have a very strong focus on independent reading and writing. Ne Sah Soh Is Koh Dahn School has many exciting things planned this year like: Family Literacy Nights, after school clubs & high school sports like volleyball & basketball. Come out and support our children! We always welcome parent volunteers :) 




Lucy Shorting

Grade 1



Sarah Wells

Grade 2



Justine Vanderlei

Grade 3

Ahneen! My name is Justine Vanderlei and this will be my second year teaching Grade 3 at Ne Sah Soh Is Koh Dahn School. We are so excited to be getting all settled into our beautiful new school! Our focus in Grade 3 is on creating a love of learning by using hands on activities in all subjects. We will be focusing on independently reading and writing as well as working on our math skills. I am very excited to be a part of the O'Chiese community through the school. We will also be planning some awesome after school activities like sports, clubs and Family Literacy Nights. Hope to see you all there!       Justine Vanderlei         j.vanderlei@ofns.ca

Rachael Fiddler

Grade 4





Duncan Smith

Grade 5

Hello! My name is Duncan Smith and this is my second year teaching at 
O'Chiese First Nation. I am teaching grade 5 this year! I am originally 
from Ontario, but I have been living in Alberta for about five years 
now. I am involved in many after-school activities including volleyball, 
hockey and a video game club. I look forward to another great year at 
O'Chiese School!


Apryl Sponholz

Grade 6/7

This is my first year teaching at O'Chiese First Nation School. I have recently returned to Canada after teaching for the last nine years in Australia.  This year I am teaching the 6/7 Class.  I am currently involved in many after school activities including coaching High School sport teams.



Jeremy Cej

Grade 8/9

Hello, my name is Mr. Jeremy Cej. I am the grade 8/9 teacher. I was born in Pincher Creek and have been a teacher for ten years



Roy Hernando

Music and Home Ec.

Hi! My name is Roy Hernando and I am teaching  Music (k-7) and grades 8/9 and High School  Options (Foods/Cooking).  This is my third year here in  Ne Sah Soh Is Koh Dahn.  Working in your school is very rewarding. Please feel free to pop in and check out the excitement inside my classroom.   




Laura McDonald

Senior High

Ahneen, My name is Laura McDonald. I am the Senior High Teacher at the Ne Sah Soh Is Koh Dahn on the O'Chiese First Nation. This is my second year teaching English Language Arts, Social Studies, Career and Life Management (CALM), Art 20 and Art 30 for the Senior High students. I look forward to a wonderful year of learning. 



Adam Baldin

Grade 10




Michelle DeBeer

Physical Education

Hello! My name is Michelle DeBeer and this is my second year teaching  
Physical Education at O'Chiese First Nation school. This year I am  
also working as a guidance and careers teacher to help education our  
students on careers that they may enjoy. I am involved in many  
afterschool activities, which involve our students travelling far  
distances to compete against other schools.

I look forward to another great year at O'Chiese School.


Georgina Strawberry




Brittney Cardinal




Jacqueline Short



I’ve worked in various salons throughout my life and decided to teach the trade with the same love I’ve had for the career.  I will also be working with our Saulteux language teacher developing the curriculum that would enhance the culture and practices of O'Chiese students.  I’m honored to be working with the students of O'Chiese First Nation and sincerely hope that my presence within their educational journey will instill a spirit of lifelong learning that will bring them forward to a future full of hope and promise.

As a Creewoman from Saddle Lake Cree Nation I feel that it is imperative we embrace our ways of being as the first peoples of this land. And education within our nation’s educational centers are one of the main vehicles to ensure our traditions, languages and practices for many generations.  I welcome parents and community members to please introduce yourselves at any given time.

Aiy hiy



Wanda Beaverbones






School Finance 




Cameron Strawberry

School Stickman



Eva Ironbow


Victor Strawberry




Kathy Whitford




Marie Strawberry





Ronald Strawberry