Students should have no more than 30 minutes to 1 hour of screen time at night. 

Always monitor what websites and apps your child is visiting. 




Class Dojo is a way Teachers at

O'Chiese School are using to

communicate with parents and

share what is happening in the classroom. It is also a great way to check on your child’s behaviour.

Get your child's student code to get signed up! 



Epic is a great app and website

for students to work on their reading.

They can listen to books

that are of high interest and

answer questions to help

with their understanding.


Raz Kids is a website and app that

allows students to have levelled

books and a small variety

of interest books read to them

while highlighting the words. Students

answer comprehension questions

to get stars as a way to  decorate their avatar.


Prodigy is a Canadian made

math game. Students are wizards

roaming around the world, facing off

against each other in duels. To cast

spells students need to answer

math questions correctly. Each question

provides them with a dashboard

of tools to help them solve.


Sumdog is a math app and website 

that allows students to participate in

games that require them to answer

math questions. They can feed cake

monsters when they answer correct math

problems or word problems. Students can

also participate in local math contests,

challenging others in our area on the game.