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Cenovus Scholarship Information under careers Deadline Sept 30, 2018



First day of school for students is Tuesday, September 4th.

Registration dates should be the week of August 27 - 31st. 

All parents need to come in to the school to register students for the current school year.

 To complete registration the school MUST have the following documentation for each registered student:


Copy of Birth Certificate


Copy of Treaty Card/# (if applicable) 

Copy of Alberta Health Care Card/#  






These O'Chiese First Nation Elders are working on a Language App for the School!




















Photos taken June 2, 2016  

See the inside of the new school in the drop down menu New School Construction and click on Construction June 2016

Harmony Park: School Playgrounds

For more pictures click on New School Construction in the menu bar and the drop down menus to see the new playgrounds, inside construction and the gymnasium


Early Registration
O'Chiese School is accepting early registration for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year.  We will need a copy of student's FN Status and/or Health Card.  Please feel free to stop by during the regular school hours 9:00 - 4:00 Monday to Thursday and 9:00 - 12:00 noon on Fridays.  Thank you and we look forward to welcoming students on the first day of school on Tuesday, August 30th.




At O’Chiese Education Authority, our future knowledge keepers will be educated in a respectful,
responsible environment by a dedicated staff that is compassionate; ensuring the dignity,
individuality and diversity of all students.


Ne Sah Soh Is Koh Dahn
P.O. Box 337
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta
T4T 1A3
Phone: 587-798-0425
Please note: this is the new School phone number


Directions to O’Chiese from Drayton Valley

  1. If you go to Drayton Valley take the 620 from Drayton, pass Lodgepole and then to the Brazeau Dam.
  2. At the dam you are going to drive about 15 minutes on that road and then need to turn left. It isn't well marked, but there is a sign on the left hand side saying welcome to O'Chiese First Nation and there is a house on the corner.
  3. You will drive all the way through the reserve, looking for a cell phone tower, this lit cell phone tower is at the school.
  4. Once you see that, there will a be clearing just afterward, and on the right, there will be a road, and if you look up the hill, you will see the school.
  5. You will need to make the right hand turn to get to the school.

Directions from Rocky Mountain House to O’Chiese

  1. Coming in on the 11 from Red Deer, going West, after you cross the bridge across the North Saskatchewan, there will be a right hand turn at a non-stopping intersection with a sign directing to O'Chiese (756). It is towards Crimson Lake Provincial Park.
  2. Drive down the 756 until it turns to gravel.
  3. Just before the gravel, there will be a sign directing you to turn left to O’Chiese.
  4. Drive down this dirt road for about 20 minutes.
  5. You will see the cell phone tower, but before you get to it, there will be a clearing and a left hand turn.
  6. Up the hill you will see the school and store.
  7. You will need to make the right hand turn to get to the school.


Should you desire, the longer route which is all paved except for 13km from Sunchild to O’Chiese is another route from Rocky Mountain House to O’Chiese.

  1. Coming in on the 11 from Red Deer, going West, after you cross the bridge across the North Saskatchewan, there will be a left hand turn at a non-stopping intersection with a sign directing to O'Chiese. It is towards Crimson Lake Provincial Park (#756). DO NOT TAKE THIS FIRST TURN
  2. Drive approximatly 20 minutes West on #11 (David Thompson Highway). You will pass Chambers Creek Provincial Recreation area.
  3. You will eventually see another sign directing you to O’Chiese and Sunchild First Nations. This road is locally known as the Sunchild Road. Turn right onto the Sunchild Road.
  4. You will drive another approximate 20 minutes on the Sunchild Road. Eventually you will see numerous signs directing you into Sunchild First Nation, and the Sunchild store is on the corner.
  5. Turn right into Sunchild First Nation at this location. (The Sunchild Road is marked on the below map. It is the pink road that runs up the page towards the marked First Nations and has the 10 beside it. Where the 10 is located, you are required to turn into Sunchild First Nation).
  6. You will drive through Sunchild for approximately 13 kilometers .You will pass a sign that directs you to turn left to Sunchild School, do not take this turn. Keep driving as the new O’Chiese First Nation School Ne Sa Soh Is Koh Dahn is about 10.8km from the O'Chiese core are then turn right onto Education Lane there is a sign that says O'Chiese School then the school is down that road on the right.

O’Chiese First Nation School Ne Sah Soh Is Koh Dahn (The 7th Fires) will deliver quality educational programs based on the Alberta Education Curriculum, respectful of the Saulteaux Language and Culture within a safe and caring learning environment, ensuring First Nation student success.

Last Updated: September 4, 2018